Rural Broadband Access

Our Mission

Global Rural Communication Functionality Access to non-cellular high-speed broadband wireless communication systems and services from a collaborator with proprietary custom-designed wireless systems for Rural Communities.

This wireless technology extends to a 100-kilometer radius, delivering wireless connection speeds of 100 megabits per second for downloads and 10 for uploads, will be accessible to businesses, homes and other custom entities.

Our Vision

Global Competitiveness Enable the communications infrastructure in rural communities to compete with urbanized areas throughout the world. Access to this means of communication will not only support commercial development, personal financial gain and emotional relationships, but lead to an empowered position in today’s global arena. Until now, most rural communities have been deprived from an otherwise available communication means to achieve their full potential and participate in enriching endeavours.

Once globally connected, any community will then have access to tools to propel their quality of life in terms of global relationships, wealth enhancements, and resources, not to mention becoming as prime an environment as any other urban structure for new industries and residents.

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