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Our Mission

To be an incubator for game changers who hold revolutionary technologies, scientific and medical discoveries, as well as processes to create a quantum wave in the way we live.

To reach our goal, we will inspire, share and educate people of all nations on self-mastery, self-sufficiency, and self-empowerment through Universal Laws for the benefit and service of all; Peace by piece.

The resulting ventures will be made possible through capital business, as well as legal and engineering resources.

Our legacy is to improve the quality of life for all!

Clean & Renewable Energy

To bestow everyone with access to modern forms of energy/electricity, essential for the provision of clean water, sanitation and healthcare, while providing added benefits to future development through the delivery of reliable and efficient lighting, heating, mechanical power and telecommunications services.


- Affordable Housing

- Social & Affordable Housing

- Sustainable, Environmentally-Friendly & Carbon Neutral Housing

Our mission is to provide safe, affordable and sustainable housing to address this growing need. Whether it is to shelter people and families from abuse, natural disasters or other lodging difficulties, our aim to provide them with a safe haven where they can flourish.

Autism Relief

There is an ever-increasing and urgent need for specialized assistance to the parents of autistic children. This assistance is currently unavailable or provided for by central and/or local government. The cost associated with the significant rise in autism has plagued our health care system, resulting in existing facilities being either overwhelmed or nonexistent.

Global Emergency Response & Relief Centers

To ensure that a supply of emergency goods and services is delivered as quickly as possible to a natural disaster area, wherever it may be in the world. These essential supplies will help minimize human suffering during and after such tragic natural disasters. Although these supplies will merely cover basic temporary needs, the faster they can be delivered, the more lives can be saved, and relief granted from suffering.

Retirement Homes

There is an ever-increasing and most urgent need for retirement homes and Government-supported retirement care, especially aimed at those incapable of self-care. The current hospital care for invalid retirees represents a high cost to the Government and healthcare system, not to mention hospitals in terms of space and constant vigilance. Considering that the cost of hospital care can be over 4 times than that of a supported retirement care in homes, this project will not only relieve the system, but also hospitals in terms of bed availability for other needy patients.

Decontamination & Water Recovery

To focus on acquiring or developing technologies that can be incorporated into a spectrum of other green technologies to ultimately offer a one-stop shop for developing and third-world countries.

Alternative Research Foundation

To fund, in whole or in part, global alternative medical research facilities, existing and proposed, as well as health care facilities, covering cancer, HIV/AIDS and other immunological diseases. These facilities will promote natural and drug-free healing.

Education: Schools & Centers

Self-Mastery & Responsibility. This type of education may require new facilities that will aim at directing a person (children and adults) to discover their thoughts, emotions and eventually, open to their own power so that they can learn new skills. In this way, decisions can be based upon conscious choices, which, in turn, can enable the person’s full potential to develop for a healthy and harmonious life.

Alternative Research Diagnostics

A new form of research based on quantum rather than linear criteria will be found or developed. This type of research will help restore health in a more efficient manner, while advancing our understanding of Universal Laws.

Rural Broadband Access

Global Rural Communication Functionality Access to non-cellular high-speed broadband wireless communication systems and services from a collaborator with proprietary custom-designed wireless systems for Rural Communities.

Sustainable Ecovillage

Primera Semilla ( is a self-sustained ecovillage maximizing its efforts on the use of biomimetic technologies and teaching local and international communities to do the same.

How it works

All made possible through capital business, legal and engineering resources.


Turn-Key Assistance

Our team is ready to evaluate your humanitarian project and collaborate with you to make it a reality.


Professional Resources

Lawyers, Financiers and others are collaborating with us to help your bring your projects to fruition.


Project Goals

Your goals must be clear and of a humanitarian nature. Our team will help you clarify those goals so that they meet our criteria.



Our purpose is to not only increase the feasibility of humanitarian projects, but also teach self-empowerment so that you can manage such projects successfully.

Your Benefits

Our capital business, legal and engineering resources will be working with you to enable:


Feasible Funding

Our connections to banks and companies honed on funding humanitarian projects, as well as our integrated systems, simplifies your project’s funding process.


Guaranteed Support

Our team will assess each project and provide an on-going support.


Legal and Documented

Our lawyers will ensure that your project is legally documented by the required authorities.


Team Work

Our team of experts will walk you through each step necessary to bring your project to reality.


Are we a good fit?

Our team will evaluate each project’s funding requirements.  The funding received will depend on the development phase of each project.

Funding will be released when a project or one of its phases is ready to be implemented.  These steps will be assessed by our team, collaborating with you.

Since we are not a Charitable organization, we are not allowed to produce a tax receipt.  We are a non-profit organization.

Our team will instruct you as to the best suited legal structure for your project, be it a Trust, Foundation or other structure available where your project will take place.

The most suited legal structure to open will be determined by our team of experts based on the need and location of your project.

Yes, it does, although the humanitarian scope can be wide.  Our team will assist you in that regard.

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