Global Emergency Response & Relief Centers

Our Mission

To enable a fast, efficient and on-demand response to a variety of natural disasters, such as flooding, landslides, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and evacuated people anywhere in the world.
This response will deliver pre-stocked goods and supplies to affected areas, such as blankets, mattresses, tents, mosquito nets, potable power and lighting, water treatment kits, emergency satellite phones and communication equipment for temporary cell networking, field hospital kits, vaccination equipment, bio-hazard suits, body bags, long-lasting survival food, water supplies and energy biscuits.
These supplies are to be pre-purchased by the emergency response center trust company and be kept in stock at the centers’ warehouses for immediate delivery when required by governments,UN, emergency services, charities and Non-Profit NGOs. The requesting party(ies) must pledge to replace the supplies later so that a fully stocked warehouse may always be available for another disaster. In some cases, however, items may be gifted by the trust, as the case may be.

Our Vision

To ensure that a supply of emergency goods and services is delivered as quickly as possible to a natural disaster area, wherever it may be in the world. These essential supplies will help minimize human suffering during and after such tragic natural disasters. Although these supplies will merely cover basic temporary needs, the faster they can be delivered, the more lives can be saved, and relief granted from suffering.

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